Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nautical Collection - Graphic Prints Set 1

New stuff! I'm building a New England coastal inspired world so as necessity dictates, I will be creating little bits and doobobs. First stop, a set of graphic prints. I went on a bit of a downloading spree so lots of wall hangings in the future! I have sims3pack and package in one 7zip after the break :) 

This took a little too long. One day I'll be able to speed through cc like everyone else but for now it takes me centuries. First I started with a base game mesh that I liked the size of but not the mesh. There was some frame matting stuff in it that I didn't want for this set. So I went to swap out EAs mesh for my own which was fine, but I just cannot figure out UVmapping to save my life. I'm so bad at it and it takes me forever to get it right so i scrapped and started with another base game mesh. The pink one with the woman's lips XD. And here we are. I had some image quality issues the anchor one still looks iffy at certain angles. I cant' tell if it's my graphics card (which is supposed to be better since the upgrade!) or just that the game renders certain things shitty, or if it's something in my process from converting vector images to rasters to dds that just degrades the SHIT out of it. Oh well! I love coastal/nautical themes! <3 <3

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