Sunday, April 29, 2012

Canvas Painting - Valerie Allard Collection

 consider this my first finished sims 3 object. i've got a package and sims3 pack even! a collection of urban fashionista-ish paintings by Valerie Allard. won't be uploading anywhere as it was just a practice run. more pics after the jump! check out the original artist here at Galerie Beauchamp

so i made a custom mesh painting. i'll consider this my first finished object for sims 3. it's my third custom mesh painting (second one for sims 3), and i've made a couple tables form tutorials. this is the first i would actually consider uploading somewhere XD. won't be uploading anywhere though it was just to show that i can get it done if i really plow through. onto my next project now! which won't have anything to do with american apparel as i'd planned. i think clothes are still a bit advanced/time consuming with the having to create like 20 versions of the same thing for all the body types. lame.

check out the original artist Valerie Allard here at Galerie Beauchamp


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