Thursday, November 4, 2010

moderne collection: project fizzled

so i had this idea to do a series of walls (solid colours and wallpaper patterns) based off of colour lovers palettes. i have a plethora of seamless tiles collected ready to go. i got sick of the project after very nearly finishing the second palette set.

basically i feel that jumping into sims 2 cc so late in the game (i only got into all this sims stuff early 2009 :o ), you need to stand out and make sure you’re not doing crap that’s already been done a hundred times. i decided to scrap the project ’cause i figured it’s so easy to grab seamless tiles from places like inspiration gallery and then dump them in home crafter. seems pointless offering content that’s already been done. i also found it super tedious recolouring hundreds of different versions of everything and spending so much time trying to get the colours to match. not as fun as tweaking your own patterns and working with your own textures.
needless to say i’ve nipped my whole damask walls paper in the bud too lol. at least until i can find a more interesting way of doing it. i’d still like to revisit my colour lovers idea in the future maybe approach it differently. whatevs.

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  1. Would you ever consider using these textures to make some walls for Sims 3? I like that diamond-y one =)